2013 Happy Holiday Thoughts…

Are you like me… in awe that it’s ALREADY DECEMBER and the HOLIDAYS are here SOOOO QUICKLY?!? Actually, I am shocked! I always begin the new year hoping to be mindful- full of intention to be in the moment of each day so as to NOT have the year FLY BY… this usually lasts until March and then, BAM-O!! It’s December and our Christmas tree is up again! LOL

Let me share with you a few things I’ve already learned this Holiday season that have made my LIFE EASIER and more RELAXED:
1. I LOVE online shopping! I have done over 90% of my shopping online this year and I am pleasantly surprised at how EASY this really is!!! In my PJs, no makeup on, sipping my warm cup of joe (peppermint mocha to be exact), mismatched socks on and in the comfort of my old couch, I am shopping online for gifts for the ones I love! No more being dismayed at how un-holiday-like other shoppers can be during this season; no more having to waste my time finding a parking space and then having to stand in a long line, no more!!! YAY!!) THEN, this leads me to….
2. Amazon.com is amazing.com!!! LOL LOL Did you know that amazon.com will text you when your order has shipped AND when it has arrived on your doorstep?!? This is how at 10 pm at night I opened my door to a pile of happy boxes all from AMAZON.COM! Wow! Right there.. ready for me to pick up.
3. It’s OKAY to not have to bake or cook everything from scratch!!! Case and point… Green bean casserole. All from cans.. nothing homemade… DEEEELIIICIOUSSSS!!!
4. Christmas decorations can be done in PHASES… Phase 1- Put up Christmas tree. Phase 2- Put up the indoor Christmas decorations. Phase 3- Put up the rest ONLY IF you FEEL like it. Liberating!!!

Here’s the most powerful happy holiday thought that may cause you to be OUT of your COMFORT ZONE… It did me. (A good friend, colleague of mine at our annual office Christmas party shared this with me just last night.)

We often say prayers of thanks for things that are good in our lives, what we are most grateful for that day. BUT, rarely do we say thanks for the things/situations/people/events that cause us adversity…
I am grateful for (insert whatever really caused you pain/suffering/anger/sadness that day) because you grew me in that moment and I TRUST you…

You GREW me in that moment…. and I TRUST you…..

You GREW me in THAT moment… and I TRUST YOU….

You GREW me in that MOMENT… and I TRUST you….

Thank you….

Blessings and joy to you and your family….

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