Reiki in Hospitals

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I am so excited by this wonderful REIKI article about REIKI in Western Hospitals!

It’s always a challenge to explain how healing with Reiki actually helps with all types of illnesses, stresses, pain, recovery, etc. Even more difficult is actual implementation in traditional settings such as hospitals! Consequently, when I came across this article, I was THRILLED!!! Here are just a few examples from the article:
1. Dr. Steinbaum, cardiologist took a Reiki 1 course herself which enabled her to understand this ancient art’s role in healing. A patient of hers who had needed surgery decided to try acupuncture, Reiki and herbal medicine. After about 8 months, her patient’s symptoms improved!

2. In the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, patients with irregular heartbeats had 20 minute Reiki sessions with Reiki trained nurses and they achieved improvement similar to what they would have experienced with medication.

3.Patients pre and post-operative had improvement with their pain and recovery post-surgery.

More scientific proof that healing occurs with the gentle energy of Reiki….

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