Effective Uterine Cramping Relief with Energy Medicine

I knew working with energy and healing is real. I know because I practice it daily and am studying it. However, I still have to smile when I SEE it work right in front of my eyes….

I had a patient today who was having an IUD (intrauterine device) placed for both contraception and for control of her heavy menstrual cycles. One of the usual side effects is cramping afterwards that can be rather severe, depending on the woman’s own pain tolerance.

Of course, after the IUD placement she started feeling cramps and was commenting on how much stronger it was than her last IUD over 5 years ago. With her permission, I asked if I could work on the energy of her uterus which is where an IUD is placed. I didn’t promise her anything, but I did say that I would try to help decrease the pain of her cramps.

She closed her eyes and began breathing slowly. I slowly began to work with the energy of her second chakra which is where her uterus and ovaries are located. I did what I learned in my Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner program and began to do a “chakra clearing” of her second chakra. Within 30 seconds, she opened her eyes incredulous and how much her cramps had decreased! “How are you doing that?!”she exclaimed  happily.

I explained to her that chakras are centers of energy in our bodies and that there are 7 main chakras in our bodies. All must be open and free to allow energy to flow freely to keep us healthy. Sometimes, when there is an imbalance then we feel discomfort, pain or illness to mention a few imbalances our bodies experience.


What I was doing was helping her body, helping the energy of her second chakra to decrease the pain/contractions that was in her uterus due to the IUD. In only 30 seconds, she was feeling relief!

I continued for another 5-7 minutes and afterwards, she felt incredible. She didn’t even feel the need to take an over-th-counter antiinflammatory medication to help with the cramps because the cramps were gone!

Again, I smiled from ear to ear! How something so simple as a chakra clearing of her second chakra helped with uterine cramping!!! Non-medicated, natural, and effective… so wonderful, isn’t it?!

This would be a great technique to use after ALL IUD placements for a non-medicated and natural alternative for uterine cramping.

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