Go to your GOD-SPA…. your what?!

I loved this term… GOD-SPA. I was at church this morning with my family sitting in the fourth pew on the left, when Father David preached his homily this morning. He was relating a story about how we all go on vacations for 2 weeks a year only to be relaxed and happy- going to specialty “spas” all over the world… THEN having to return to reality where there is chaos and almost a punishment for returning from a vacation…It’s true, isn’t it?! There is so much to do AFTER you return from vacation. We are then seeking to go back to the spas/vacations all over again!!!

WHY not go to your spa- your GOD SPA? All you have to do is ASK. You don’t have to go anywhere special, just your own space and for as little as 20 minutes a day, all you have to do is ASK GOD (UNIVERSE, SOURCE, whatever word you use..) and then listen…Invite God into your life daily and ask for guidance, ask for your path to be lit, ask for peace, health, joy, love, etc to be in your day and it will be… WHEN you invite this grace into your daily life, then you feel genuine gratitude and your gifts will shine!!!

I was just about moved to tears.. I could feel the energy, the spirit inside me begin to stir. The inspiration was strong and radiating from every cell in my being! THEN, wonderful things began to occur.

At Target, I went to finally purchase a camera and less than 2 seconds earlier, there was a wonderful conversation between the two clerks at the store (Valerie and Juan) about the EXACT camera I was going to purchase! He mentioned the word ,” ENERGY” and I was intrigued… thus began a beautiful and enlightening conversation about energy, our individual journeys, energy medicine, God, Spirit and how true God’s presence in our lives are felt every day! With our meeting and me purchasing a gorgeous BLUE Canon camera that they were just discussing. WHO would have guessed that a trip to Target would hold an inspirational 10 minute conversation  with strangers?!?

Each of us had invited God into our lives that day and our inner spirits had become alive… relaxed, loved, and rejuvenated! All we need to do is go to our own space, our own GOD SPA and ask….

I did today. Will you?

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