Happy 2014: SIMPLIFY

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The mantra for this year is one word… SIMPLIFY. I challenge you to adopt this mantra too!!! WE are so busy: Working, commuting, planning, scheduling, texting, social-media-ing, watching, eating, running, all the -ings…. SO BUSY!!! Whew! Less time for talking, sleeping, hugging, being….

Yes, I am going to take a microscopic view of my busy life and simplify it! One way to simplify is even simpler than the word itself… the word is only 2 letters long…

1. I am confident saying, “No.” ” No.” to things that do not serve me. I am going to say, “No.” to extra activities,meetings, workshops, conferences, lunches, breakfasts,coffees, anything that is extra and causes me to wrinkle my nose when asked… “No.” I am going to say, “No.” It’s a one word sentence. It’s direct. It’s kind. It’s firm. It’s clear. It’s also opposite of yes.. of which is my middle name. Is it yours too? LOL

2. I am quiet. Or at least quieter. Just by sitting 5,7, or 10 minutes a day. Ideally, it would be great for me to do this in the morning AND in the evening. This quiet time is essential for me to listen to my spirit/intuition/inner self… When I listen to my spirit, I hear some pretty spectacular things!!!

3. I am creative. I have started my “book” that I wanted to start about 16 years ago.

4. I am teaching. I am committed to teaching my Stress Reduction Classes twice a month. I am committed to teaching a Reiki 1 Class this year. I am committed to teaching a large group at an Energy Retreat in the Fall.

5. I am being. Being present more. Being Mommy more. Being Wife more. Being Me more.

Okay, that’s it! Simplification 101 for me. What is your SIMPLIFY????

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  1. Crystal Stamey
    5 years ago

    Love this newsletter. Would like to receive on a regular basis.
    January’s hit right on. I have got to concentrate on “me”.
    I’m going to commit to attending Stress Reduction classes & would lone to check out the Lavender spa. My body & maybe mind is screaming for this. Lol!