In the already, not yet…

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Today as the children and I were in church, the homily was about the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven. (Yes, as you can tell by my beginning sentence today that I am Christian… Catholic, to be exact. I hope that knowing this does not bother any of you… I am proud to believe in God. In Jesus Christ. In the Holy Spirit. I respect and honor the beliefs of every human being. As a spiritual being, I know in my heart that all religions throughout the world all strive to believe in God, in love, in respect for all life. In whatever culture we are in, we all believe in different ways… So with this said, I hope that although I speak about Jesus, know that I am writing/speaking about what we all are striving to believe in and to embody every day with one another… which is love. Where there is love, there is goodness; there is truth; there is light; there is hope; there is flow of energy from the heart which flows from within… our inner spirits.)

Okay… let’s continue…. Deacon Josh delivered his very first homily today and in speaking to us about the Ascension of Jesus, he spoke about being “in the already, not yet…” That one phrase totally struck me that we are ALL in the already… We are already IN OUR HEAVEN on EARTH!!! Where is that you may ask? In all this chaos, craziness of every day busy-ness… WHERE is our piece of Heaven, so to speak? This is what Deacon Josh meant… We already are in the already, but we will not truly be “in true love/peace/presence/ insert whatever word you would like”, until we transition to be with “GOD” (again insert whatever word you would like…)


For me, here is a short list of examples of my “IN THE ALREADY…”:
1. My three children still camping out together in my REIKI room, just to be together…
2. A stranger giving me a 25% off coupon at the craftstore (see last week’s post).
3. A red cardinal chirping LOUDLY on a Saturday morning.
4. Me hitting all the green lights while running an errand.
5. A steady paycheck to help sustain my family.
6. Watching the rainstorm and noticing how the wind makes the raindrops swirl around as it falls from the sky.
7. My 71 year old father getting up early to cook breakfast for my children on a Saturday morning and driving it from his house 30 miles away to mine…
8. The parking space I envisioned because I sent our “parking angel” to find us the perfect parking spot.
9. Finding a lucky quarter just lying on the street for me.
10. Being able to find the time the last few weeks to post a blog on my website regularly…

WHAT IS YOUR “IN THE ALREADY?” at this moment? For Today? For this week? For this month?

Thank you Deacon Josh for a great homily and touching the spirits of my children today!!! You totally rock!!!

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