June Energy: Making sense of what we are all feeling…

It’s already June 8th…. we have the second half of 2013 awaiting us. Have you found that these past few weeks you have been feeling a bit out of sorts- experiencing feelings that are just jumping out at us without knowing WHY? I have felt sadness and grief over certain situations that have occurred the last two weeks with more emotion than normal. I described it as a heaviness in my chest, actually crying tears… but I chalked it up to PMS! LOL

Consequently, I have found myself turning inwards… relying on meditation and prayer more, being more contemplative, more quiet… finding solace in the stillness. Also, finding that I have been going through the first half of the year without focus (it’s kinda nice because I’ve been extremely focused since last year and wanted to take a break from all of the structure…), this week has culminated in my realizing I need to refocus and find what my spirit is looking for… inspiration. BUT, what IS THAT?

So, here is what I discovered:

Solar flares MAY be responsible for this unsettling feelings or energy that some of us may have been experiencing. I know, you are wondering WHAT am I THINKING?? Just hear me out, ok? A Solar flare ” is a magnetic storm on the Sun which appears to be a very bright spot and a gaseous surface eruption such as in the above photograph. Solar flares release huge amounts of high-energy particles and gases that are tremendously hot. They are ejected thousands of miles from the surface of the Sun.” according to an interesting website (www.carliniinstitute.com) I found after speaking with Beverly at my fave place, Spiral Circle. The site goes on to say that the energy emitted from these flares affects human consciousness down to the cellular level! It’s rather fascinating and I encourage you to log onto her website to learn more. I do need to do more research and will share what I find as I learn more… BUT, let me tell you when I was discussing this with Beverly, I felt so much better!!! It made SENSE to me… which led me to Doreen Virtue and her angel readings.

Doreen Virtue is incredible!!! What I gathered from her was her Angel readings from an Australia conference on YouTube that basically stated the first half of the year we are meant to retreat, clear, and take time listening to our inner guidance to uncover our own personal power and WHERE we are going…. (Wow!!! Exactly!!! ) Her reading for June called us to tune into who we really are and to be READY to call upon our resources to manifest what we want!!! Yipee!! Everything she was saying was resonating with me… so, what DO I want?

Have you found yourself wanting to meditate or if you are meditating already, have increased your meditations? Me too!!! I have been craving this stillness! I am spiritually hungry to learn more, to BE more…. which led me to davidji’s book, Secrets of Meditation (davidji is an amazing man who I was blessed to meet at a Deepak Chopra event back in 2008) which reintroduced me to the beautiful benefits of meditation! He states, “Touching stillness… allows you to connect to your unconditioned Self… to your source.” And when you do, you reach pure potential and infinite possibilities!

On this 8th day of June, I am feeling less lost. More focused, more excited to finally feel forward direction again. I am hungry to reawaken my inner self, my spirit to see where Spirit leads me… How about you? Are you ready to say what you want? Where do you want to go? Do you KNOW what inspires you?

Here’s what I know…. I am READY to accept whatever God wishes to place in my path. I am READY to ask for what I want… because I deserve it! I am awesome and I am manifesting all that I desire!!! (You can say this too.. repeat it with me…) “I AM AWESOME AND I AM MANIFESTING ALL THAT I DESIRE!!!“I want to focus on sharing my gifts as an Energy Medicine Practitioner with all those who are called to come to my door- seeking balance of body, mind, and spirit. I want to be a guide for others to rediscover their TRUE selves through a healthy body, a flourishing mind, and an infinite spirit. I am ready to have clients come to my door, literally wanting energy sessions to be healthy and happy! I want us to all love ourselves so we can be LOVE to everyone we meet and joy is all around us. THIS IS WHAT I WANT! THIS IS WHAT IS! IT IS SO…

I hope this helps you make more sense of the June energies you are feeling. Take time to reflect and ask yourselves, “WHAT do I WANT?” Listen to your inner guidance…

Blessings and joy!!!

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