Meditation: The Magic is in 23 hours or so later….

It’s a gorgeous day today…. sun is out, windows are open, and a cool breeze is flowing gently through the house. This peaceful flow has allowed me to “work” rather joyfully that I accidentally found a journal entry I made almost 5 years ago about meditation. And with the 2013 just beginning (It’s Jan. 5, 2013 today.), we often make resolutions such as adding meditation to our daily ritual.
I laughed at how true my observations were regarding this ancient practice of meditation- one that many cultures through the centuries have practiced and perfected… I made this journal entry while during a Deepak Chopra event called Journey Into Healing with one of my best friends, Cindy. Davidji was the amazing gentleman who guided us beginners through our start with meditation…

I literally laughed out loud at how HARD it was/is for me to start meditating! My monkey-mind kept swinging from one thought to another- Am I doing this right? Why is there there suddenly an itch on my right cheek? Should I scratch it? Did I put a stamp on the envelope before I put it in the mailbox? Etc, etc, etc. It was so funny to me! Then, I read further in my journal entry and saw that meditation is a gentle practice and that one needs to allow things to happen as they should. If I itch, then I itch. If I jump from one thought to another in less than a millisecond, then I jump… If I end up dozing off (which I did on SEVERAL occasions), obviously I needed it, then I did! AHA- moment #1. Allow what happens to happen.

AHA- moment #2… The miraculous-ness of meditation is not the 10 minutes, 30 minutes or even 60 minutes of meditation you do! It’s the magic that happens AFTER your meditation practice… the 23 hours and 40 minutes (I am able to successfully meditate 20 minutes… no more no less. Perfect time for me to BE…) after meditation … that the magic happens. The magic in being present, in living in the moment of the 23 hours and 40 minutes later… the being joyful and peaceful… not being caught up in work drama/family drama/ any drama… being in the here and now…

Wow!!! I wouldn’t have “accidentally” found my journal entry had I been in a hurry…. So the AHA-moments of #1 and #2 that I said AHA to almost 5 years ago in 2008, I rediscovered in 2013 because I am in peace and in joy and in the moment of today- Jan. 5, 2013…. Life is good.

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