Random Act of Kindness

A nice reminder for all of us to do...

My children and I were at our local Michael’s store buying crafts for my artistic daughter. I noticed the woman in front of us in line and I briefly smiled, not knowing if she saw me or not and a bit preoccupied with the remaining to-do’s on our list for today.

I was quickly calculating how much paint brushes and watercolors would be when I heard the cashier tell the woman that the coupon doesn’t apply to items on clearance. I thought, what a shame… she went to all that trouble bringing in her coupon, cutting it out and believing she would save some money. I am lucky if I remember to bring a coupon at all!!!

Suddenly, she turned to us and gave us the coupon!!! Surprised and so grateful, my children and I all said a heartfelt, “Thank you so much….” and happily wished her a beautiful day!!! Wow! What a nice surprise and both children acknowledged and felt the blessing that this woman gave us in less than two seconds…

I thought it would be maybe a 10% or 15% coupon.. nope! It was a 25% coupon!!! A considerable savings for us this afternoon…

What a wonderful random act of kindness we experienced in a very normal and unsuspecting situation… shopping for watercolors and paint brushes!!! Our energy was uplifted, our day was a bit brighter… Blessings were felt in even this common place. Who wudda thunk it?

This one woman’s kindness also brought to mind the reason for the holiday today… Memorial Day. Thank you to ALL our military leaders of our country who continually give their all and some including their own lives. THANK YOU sincerely for YOUR DELIBERATE KINDNESS that we do not see, but is seen in our freedom that flows in our lives every day.

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