REIKI Can Help with Recovery After Surgery

“Suzette, will Reiki help my mother who just had surgery two days ago? ” was the question a friend of mine asked me just a few weeks ago.

My answer was, “Of course!!! Reiki would definitely help her body find balance not only physically, but also mentally as well as emotionally! When would she like to come for a session? ”

Reiki helps to speed up recovery from surgery by helping decrease the overall stress the body has in response to the stress of surgery. It helps calm, rebalance, and adjust to the healing that the body is innately doing. It also may help to reduce side-effects from medication for pain or from the antibiotics. Did you know that at Orlando MD Anderson Center they have a Mind/Body/Spirit Center where they have Reiki Practitioners routinely do Reiki on patients undergoing chemotherapy? Those who received Reiki noticed a considerable decrease in side effects from treatment!!

My Reiki Master/Shihan did Reiki on her father while he was recovering in the hospital only on his feet! For about three hours, Reiki’s healing energy was being applied on his feet and ALL the nurses and his doctors were amazed at how well he was doing without any side effects from the medication!!!

You’re probably wondering what happened to my friend’s mother… well, we were able to coordinate a session where I was able to do Reiki with her in a chair. It was uncomfortable for her to lie down for even a short period of time. She felt a sudden peace and jot as well as surprise that the pain she was experiencing from recovery was much improved after our session. What surprised her the most was that her anger at having surgery had suddenly disappeared! Another “side-effect” we had not anticipated nor asked her about!!!

Her recovery proceeded without complications and she was up and walking within a week WITHOUT having to take pain medication!!! Woo-hoo!!!

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