Last Saturday, I spent it with my incredible mentor/teacher/sister, Patricia Williams who is an Usui/Karuna Reiki Shihan and my dear friend… I finally decided to retake Reiki 1, but it was my first time taking it with Patricia! This day was all about me and taking time out of my busy schedule of family, work, projects, schedules, etc to slow down and BE with only me. I wanted to give myself a gift and it was the gift of ME! Loving me…

In Reiki 1, the main tenets is about loving yourself. Loving you. When you give yourself the gift of time, you show yourself love. When you love yourself, you are then able to love others fully and without limits, right?

But what I wanted to share the most with you is the heart of Reiki which is the Reiki Ideals of which I will share with you three words in this sacred prayer…. (Also very appropriate for today is September 11 and we remember with all our hearts as we send our love and prayers to all those we lost on that day long ago…)


Just for today… be in the moment because ALL WE HAVE is THIS MOMENT.. But, how often do we spend time in the past by reliving the past hurts, angers, mistakes and fears? Can you answer that with a yes? OR how about worrying about what MIGHT happen if we do or don’t do something?!? When we are in the past or in the future, we are NOT IN THE PRESENT. WE ARE NOT IN TODAY. And then before we know it, we are years into our lives and wonder where it all has gone? We bypass our happiness; we fly by the experience with our children; we forget how to love our spouses and the list goes on….

So, I was loving myself all of Friday evening, all of Saturday and still through today.. four days later!!! I am striving to embrace what I relearned from Patricia and really holding dear to my heart the simple words….

This is my blessing to you, my friends is to be in the TODAY everyday so your love and radiance shines brilliantly wherever you go…..

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