Reiki Master Training in Vero Beach

My journey continues as I took the next step in my spiritual training last weekend in Vero Beach with my Reiki Shihan (Master/Teacher) Patricia Williams. I cannot even begin to share with you the joy, the elation I feel since I was blessed with becoming myself a Reiki Master/Teacher!!!

There were six of us in all taking this weekend training and we all were coming from different backgrounds. For most of us, this was a long journey of at least three years from the first time we took our very first Reiki class… For one, it had been an 11 year journey…. regardless of time, we were all where we needed to be.

For some students, taking the first two levels may be enough. But, as Patricia had reminded us, taking this next siginificant level only adds more depth to our understanding and our own practice of Reiki. And guess what?! She was absolutely right!!! We learned so much more and deepened our practice. Our souls became fuller, our minds more open, and our hearts more expansive… if that was even possible.

Our healing sessions were stronger and more powerful even after only 2 days of additional learning/training/commitment. We were all pleasantly surprised at how quickly we were able to feel the energy!!!

Since I became a Reiki Shihan (even in this short time), I have never felt more joyful and lighter than I have EVER!!! I have set my intentions and many wonderful events have already occurred when I am focused/centered/in light and love. Coming from a place of peace and compassion brings only abundance and prosperity in all areas of my life.

I am eternally grateful to my teacher/friend/Shihan, Patricia who provides continued support and love to all she meets and teaches; to my family for their incessant love and encouragement; and of course, to God for giving me the gifts that I am blessed with to share with others every single day.

Check back to see when the first Reiki I class will be scheduled here in Orlando!!!

Continued blessings and joy to you and yours!!!


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