Sunrise on Ponte Vedra Beach…

July 2013- Ponte Vedra Beach- our week off from civilization- our week where life stands still and hours become moments where we celebrate the stillness, the quiet, the music of the rhythm of the waves and the joys of family, friends, nature, and delectable dishes we only have here at the beach. Every year since 2006, we have been able to enjoy a week where literally time slows down and we appreciate the seconds of doing nothing… My best friend, her family and my family laugh, eat, play, eat, nap, eat, and eat more… (We literally spend all 7 days at the beach. The only time we leave is to go to Publix for more nutritious yummies! )

Thanks, Tara for your Green Goddess Rice & Watermelon/Feta Salad...

I wake up eager every morning at 6:15 am even before the sun arises, so I can sit on the cool sand, cross-legged and with my eyes closed to feel the cool morning breeze, to hear the waves’ melody, to quiet my monkey-mind and truly feel my heart center open- full of gratitude, full of celebration, full of non-expectation. Each breath fills my lungs with the salty air and my heart with anticipation of what God will bring us this day…

Shawn Anchor, CEO of Good Think, Inc and one of the world’s leading experts on happiness states that 90% of our happiness is predicted on how we interpret the world… HOW DO YOU INTERPRET your WORLD??? He goes on to say that we need to focus on being “here.” Being present…

Imagine on how your world would be if you were able to begin it every morning on your beach??? This is WHY on my vacation, my one vacation out of the 52 weeks of the year I don’t sleep in, I don’t drag myself out of bed when it is still dark out as the wee morning hours are still ticking away… I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being on the beach!!! I love beginning each morning in GRATITUDE for being here, for being present, for the moment, for the second, for the breath, for my health, for the light, for the sun, for the…..

In Shawn Anchor’s, >Happiness Advantage: Research linking happiness and success, he outlines the formula that creates lasting positive changes in our lives:
1. 3 Gratitudes- Write down 3 new things you are thankful for each day for 21 days in a row.
2. Journaling- To relive the positivity you felt within the last 24 hours.
3. Exercise- We know this increases endorphins, the feel good hormone.
4. Meditation- Causes your brain to focus at the task at hand (no multitasking)
5. Random acts of Kindness

By doing the above 21 days in a row, you establish a habit that creates lasting positive changes… THEN you interpret the world with an outlook of happiness which then will lead to whatever success you are reaching for in your lives… financial success, emotional success, mental success, physical success, relationship success, personal success.

So, my wish for you this week is for you to be on your beach… Listen to the waves, wave by wave… Feel the breeze as it caresses your cheeks… Embrace the intuitive whispers that leads to your path to happiness…

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