Unfolding, not molding….

This weekend, a family friend used the phrase, “Unfolding, not molding….” and I realized that it not only applied to the situation we were discussing (which was the growth of our children as they transition from elementary school to middle school to high school and then finally to college), but to ALL facets of our lives!!!

Often, whether it be raising our children, finding a new career, starting a new relationship, transitioning to a new phase in this journey of our lives…. we want to mold it.. mold the future! We want to foretell what will happen next; how can we control what tomorrow will bring so we can feel better and know that we we are choosing to do now is the right thing; what if we make a mistake, …. how will we be perceived by others or worse yet, what if this is yet another failure; why is this continuing to happen to me; and the questions, doubts, hesitations, uncertainty, etc go on and on.

We start to feel anxious or fearful about making the next step because we want to mold the future, the outcome of our decisions. BUT why can’t we just unfold this unforeseen creation? WHY can’t we just unfold and have faith??!?!


What we discover is better than what we imagined…
What we discover surpasses our expectations…
What we discover is EXACTLY what we need…
What we discover is grace and gratitude flowing abundantly…
What we discover is what our spirit has known all along….
What we discover is limitless….

So, in that one simple phrase of 3 words “UNFOLDING, NOT MOLDING…” and thank God I was listening… because I am unfolding and I am so incredibly eager to see what comes next!!!

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