Welcome 2012 with Joy & Peace!!!

It is the second day of a glorious 2012 already!!! The weather here was perfect… sun shining, a cool brisk breeze to remind us that it IS winter in Central Florida, and the laughter of my children echoing with the breeze as they played carefree on the playground…

I listened to their voices, the conversation, the joy as they dug so eagerly in the sand. Others were playing volleyball or laying on a blanket enjoying the second day of this NEW YEAR… The one thing that stood out the most in my mind as I sat lazily on the swing was that they were ALL PRESENT… In the moment. Not a care in the world but what was happening in their very space, heart, time. All in that little space of grass, sand, trees and people were being mindful!!! It was so incredible! Ahhhh…. I too was present.  What a pleasant feeling. My wish is that we all become more aware, more mindful with the present moment…

To celebrate this NEW YEAR and being in the moment… sharing more being… giving presence a new meaning…. I thank my dear friend, Donna who sent me this beautiful way to celebrate this new year of prosperity, love, and joy:

The Great Bell Chant


A Happy New Year of love, peace, joy, and prosperity to you and yours!!!!

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