Welcome our new massage therapist- Donna Lee Boulton!!!

I am so excited to introduce our new licensed massage therapist, Donna Lee Boulton!!!

DonnaIMG 0146

She is absolutely amazing and you just melt under her skilled and therapeutic hands…. We’ve all been to massages for either as gift or for medical reasons.. and we can all agree that we all have felt INCREDIBLE afterwards- more relaxed, focused and ready. Massage is an essential tool that increases our energy and promotes this energy to circulate throughout our bodies thus increasing overall health and wellness.

Donna’s areas of expertise also encompasses other therapies such as Reiki and craniosacral therapy. She gently listens to you and your body and customizes each session according to your body’s messages/needs. Her warmth and genuine love for what she does is immediately felt as you meet her and I PROMISE you.. you will feel like butter… LOL  I’ve had many sessions with her and I always feel wonderful!!!

Welcome, Donna! We are so excited to have you as part of our Orlando Energy Healing family!!!

(Check out her story on our PRACTITIONERS page.)

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