What’s Your Rhythm? Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner Program Class #5 Day 1

Eden Energy Medicine Class #5 in Phoenix , AZ

wigwamoasis pool


Here I am in my beautiful room at the Wigwam Resort (love that name, don’t you?) at the end of the 1st day of our Energy Medicine Practitioner Program Class #5… and I have to say, I am bushed!!! So exhausted, but so excited to be here.

The Wigwam Resort is perfect… gardens that are so inviting and gorgeous!!! Flowers and vibrant colors everywhere!!! The energy of this place lends to the experience we are having here. ( I want to bring my family next time to take advantage of amenities too!) Everyone is genuinely warm and dedicated in doing and sharing energy medicine in their own communities!

We have learned so much that I don’t quite know where to begin… one major concept that we’ve learned about how our lives, our bodies’ energies vibrate to one of the five rhythms or elements that have been mapped out by Chinese physicians thousands of years ago. These rhythms are inter-related in our bodies’ energy systems and the goal is to have a balance of all five.

There is an incredible amount of information for each and there’s too much detail so I will only list the five:

1. Water

2. Wood

3. Fire

4. Earth

5. Metal

Each has individual characteristics, strengths , weaknesses, achetypes, fears, and various manifestations physically, mentally, and emotionally when there is an imbalance. Soooo interesting!!!

I discovered my primary rhythm is EARTH and secondary, WOOD. Now, I’m trying to figure out what my family members are… LOL Very challenging…

The goal is to have all five rhythms in balance in our own lives. We have varying degrees of each at different times of our lives… depending on what it happening in our lives. We also utilize each rhythm when we need them the most.

Tomorrow, we’ll learn more indepth information about the above and what happens in our bodies when there is illness or an imbalance.

I’ll share more later!!! And I’ll elaborate more on the EARTH and WOOD elements or rhythms.

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