When You have Life….

I’m a planner… I need to know. I want to know what my schedule is for the day, any important meetings I need to go to, any appointments I need to have my children go to, what the next week holds, what our next vacation will be, etc. etc. etc. etc. Consequently, I frequently have challenges with being in the moment. Being present is a constant challenge and takes conscientious effort every single day… Does this sound familiar? LOL

And being in this rush of constant flow with huge waves of planning, schedules and movement… how can I find my purpose? WHAT IS my life purpose?!?!?

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Caroline Myss, one of my favorite medical intuitives and all around amazing inspirational woman was on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah said this rather powerful statement….” If you have life, you have purpose.”

One atom, one single itty bitty atom is as purposeful as our entire planet! What is in one is in the whole. It just can’t be otherwise, can it? Caroline Myss continues to say that you just can’t take one atom and say it is separate from the whole. You cannot.

Have no judgements, have no expectations, and give up the need to know what happens tomorrow…” This is what we need to be… totally present in the moment to appreciate fully what we have. AND when we do, our purpose or our path becomes apparent. How many times have we heard this in various ways and our hearts have whispered for us to listen, but we just ignore it?! We need to give up the need to know what happens tomorrow so our purpose can become clear seen and heard so we can follow our hearts’ desires…

But when we face each day’s challenges such as losing your job or having ill health due to a toxic lifestyle, HOW can we be appreciative of the moment and know where that purpose is when we are just trying to survive? Yes, we have life.. and yes we have purpose, BUT HOW can we find respite when there is loud chaos all around us?!

Listening to what Caroline Myss discussed with Oprah, I found clarity… she said that when we are in the depths of despair, we (YOU) had your life focused on something that didn’t belong to you and a path that didn’t belong to you or you wouldn’t be where you are now… Hmmmm… let that sit for a moment or two with you… you were focused on something that DIDN’T belong to you, so here you are…

IF YOU HAVE LIFE, YOU HAVE PURPOSE.… so wherever you are IN LIFE, please believe in Caroline Myss’ words. Feel the energy of these words deep in your soul and listen to what you hear….

Blessings and joy!!!!

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